eTimeMachine's Configurable Business Rules (CBR) is a module within eTimeMachine Enterprise that allows users to enhance and customize the system's logic to support their business processes. Using the CBR module, users can configure business rules and exceptions over and above those that are addressed by the software. For example the system can be configured to calculate cost of a specific resource based on the time of the day, the resource's association with a wage group and/or cost group and specific company rules such as overtime charges and night shift factors.

This gives the company added flexibility to address issues as they occur without having to request and wait for software changes and also supports and mitigates the challenges of operational changes. Configurable business rules also allow companies to automatically send out triggered notifications to employees. Triggered notifications can be used to warn of potential risks, send out reminders, request action etc.

eTimeMachine Enterprise easily assimilates into any business environment by adopting and facilitating a company's unique set of business processes. The system becomes a natural extension to any enterprise with a proven track record of successful implementations.

One of examples of CBR rules is Resource Availability Check, which defines system behaviour in response to an attempt to assign an overallocated resource to an activity.

Depending on the requirements, the system can be configured to reject the assignment, to accept the assignment, raise an allert and/or send a notification.

Other examples of Business Rules, which can be configured and applied, using eTimeMachine CBR module include calculation of Resource Rates based on Time Types, Lieu Time credit calculations based on Time Type, Time Entry limitations based on Resource Type, Travel Expense compensation related rules, Business rules for time entry, Business rules for timesheet reviewers, Automatic e-mail notifications.


What Kind of Business Rules Can CBR Establish

  • Different Resource Rates based on Time Types

  • Lieu Time credit calculations based on Time Type

  • žTime Entry limitations based on Resource Type
  • žTravel Expense compensation related rules
  • Business rules for time entry

  • Business rules for timesheet reviewers

  • Automatic e-mail notifications and reminders based on pre-defined exceptions

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