The idea behind eTimeMachine timesheets is to simplify the task of recording time spent on activities and make it less challenging by bringing together in one screen all activities assigned to an employee, regardless of the type and origin, be it an overhead task, activity from a crew assignment, project activities, tickets, ad-hoc tasks, etc.

Employee's timesheet can be configured to minimize or altogether eliminate repetitive time entry using the "by exception" approach. With this approach, the time is pre-populated and can be submitted automatically, unless the exception is raised based on the specified business rules, e.g. max or min hours rule.

The system features automatic notifications, which can be a flag or a pop-up message or an e-mail.

Attendance reporting and Vacation requests are also handled from the same interface.

Electronic timesheets provide employees and crews with a consolidated view of activities (work assignments) originating from within eTimeMachine or other Project and Work Management Systems. Employees fill up their timesheets by recording their time, progress and expenses, and submit them periodically for approval. Managers (Resource Managers, Project Managers) can approve and reject timesheets entirely or partially. Upon approval of timesheets, the originating systems are updated with actual time and progress. This information also updates other systems, such as accounting, Payroll and HR.



eTimeMachine provides tools for tracking employees’ attendance manually and automatically. Attendance and Time Away From Work time is recorded but not counted toward project effort. Time-in and time-out can be entered through the system directly, or can be automatically recorded based on pre-defined settings, or can be fed into eTimeMachine from a swipe card system.

eTimeMachine offers a comprehensive and on the same token elaborate and highly scalable Timesheet solution. Under eTimeMachine all employees have their workspace where they receive their work assignments in real time from throughout the company.

eTimeMachine provides a tool for employees to report time, expense and progress against all corporate activities in ONE environment. It conveniently allows employees to report actual hours, overtime, billable, non-billable, lieu time, expenses, percent complete, remaining hours, issues against assigned activities.

Customers About eTimeMachine Timesheets

Such timely information for decision making was important to TTC management

“Employees enter their time directly into eTimeMachine by day, so now TTC management can get accurate data on each project as well as by individual employee. Such timely information for decision making was important to TTC management. eTimeMachine also interfaces with the payroll system...”

TTC - Toronto Transit Commission

Pretty powerful stuff…

“To status my work, all I need to do is click 3 items: I started it, I finished it, and how long did it take me…We have also added some tabs to collect information about this particular work order… Pretty powerful stuff…”

Hydro One

“A supervisor reviews your timesheet – you can’t submit your own timesheet to pay…Your supervisor has to submit (approve) it…(He/she) can go individually or select a crew and click “Approve”… Of course eTimeMachine tells you whether there was some exceptions that you have entered”

Hydro One

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