eTimeMachine provides tools for tracking employees’ attendance manually and automatically. Attendance and Time Away From Work time is recorded but not counted toward project effort. Time-in and time-out can be entered through the system directly, or can be automatically recorded based on pre-defined settings, or can be fed into eTimeMachine from a swipe card system.

eTimeMachine Enterprise and eTimeMachine Timer work together to provide convenient and reliable time and attendance recording. Work and attendance hours recorded by the eTMTimer will appear in the Employee Workspace in eTimeMachine Enterprise.

Attendance can be tracked based on the "attendance" task hours record, or start and end times entered for working activities. Attendance records then can be validated against specific business rules such as " min/max hours per day" rule, "calendar hours" rule,  Flex time and Fatigue time settings.


eTimeMachine Employee Workspace Highlights

  • Customizable, personalized, transaction based, auditable
  • Consolidated - activities come from MS Project, Oracle Primavera, Help Desk and other systems
  • Configurable Business Rules to accommodate most elaborate validation scenarios

  • žFlex time and fatigue time features
  • žTime populated from group and crew assignments
  • žTimesheets generation by project / organization / customer
  • Attendance-automatic (based on employee log in/out when applicable) or by integration with swipe-cards
  • žIntegrated with MS Project, Oracle Primavera, MS Outlook, BMC Remedy, ERP systems
  • Non-project functionality and processes: absence (sick, vacation), banked time, overtime
  • Available via web, mobile, e-mail


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